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So, here's a little bit about my sculptural process.


By utilising a combination of detailed lines, dense layers and organic forms I aim to produce pieces which offer the audience a visual journey through the artwork. Representational of nothing, interpretable as anything; my creations provide a unique experience for all who view them.

However for me personally, the pieces act as visual diaries. Each shard placed signifies a moment in time, simultaneously distinct and indivisible, a unique event in its own right but equally just a fraction of a much larger narrative. Thus the sculptures become tangible monuments to the memories one can never remember.

If you'd like to know more about a specific piece, then simply scroll down and click on it in for a more in depth description.

Slumber and Sentinel

Ten Days of Winter

Morality I

Morality I

More Coming Soon

Pillars I and II


Vox Naturae


Morality II


Pillars I & II

Project One

1000 Hours

Time Unknown

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