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Loughborough University Degree Show

June 2013

Quarantine Home Exhibition

April 2020

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak in early 2020; I found myself with a house full of sculptures and nowhere to display them. Having spent months preparing works for exhibitions which were now cancelled or postponed I had to find a new way to share my art with the world. This is when I decided to transform my front room, into an art gallery (sort of)!

So over the course of a day, I removed as much of the furniture as I could, brought in all of my most recent sculptural pieces and attempted to curate them into a coherent exhibition; all whilst sharing the experience through my social media platforms. 


The exhibited works were:

Morality II - Cardboard, Glue and wood 

Pillar I - Cardboard, Glue and Wooden Plinth

Pillar II - Cardboard, Glue and Wooden Plinth


To see more of this project please visit the sculpture section.

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