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Exhibiting at ArtRooms 2017 was fantastic. It was a completely different type of location to work in, as it was held on the first floor of the Melia White House Hotel, London and not a gallery space, each piece had to be carefully considered. I aimed to transform the room into an installation space with cardboard constructions covering as many surfaces as possible. Thankfully the room was well suited for such a transformation and I was able to produce an evocative and encapsulating display.


The exhibited works were:

Slumber, 2016 – Cardboard and Glue

Sentinel, 2016 – Cardboard and Glue

Pendulum, 2016/2017 – Cardboard and Glue

Cascade, 2017 – Cardboard and Glue

Fallen, 2017 – Cardboard and Glue

Ten Days of Winter, 2017 – Cardboard, Glue and Adhesive Strips


To see more of this project please visit the sculpture section.

Loughborough University Degree Show

June 2013

ArtRooms 2017

January 2017

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